Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Treatment Options

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Our ENT Surgeon and the 1st Oncologist suggested a second operation as the cancer was fast growing and they were concerned about the other glands being infected. A"Y" cut was to be made in the neck and onto the shoulder to remove all the glands in that area. This was a very difficult surgery with all kinds of disfiguring complications to my face ( a high risk to facial nerves), tongue and shoulder area. Our biggest concern was waiting for 6 weeks for the 2nd wound to heal before starting radiation treatment as the cells won't heal once radiation starts burning them.

This cancer was just spreading through my blood.

It could settle in any organ!
We felt so helpless and scared.... lost in our own worlds of silence as we walked outside the hospital, holding hands.

Looking back, it was that moment that a Guardian Angel was sent to help out!

A friend of my husbands walked by and saw the state we were in. We told him what was happening and he immediately phoned a friend who had been treated for colon cancer. He called his Oncologist who set up an appointment immediately for a second opinion with his Oncologist

We are such good friends with Rob today and I call him my Guardian Angel as he was the one who sent sent me to the person who knew how to save my life!

Rory, the Oncologist, suggested we start treatment immediately and aggressively as he had one of the few radiation machines required to treat cancer in this tricky area of the throat and neck. There was only a 3% difference in the survival statistics between the two methods of treatment and the other involved dramatic additional surgery.

My husband, Craig and I, were both in tears when we asked the Oncologist if he would take me on as a patient.

That was the moment it all became REAL for me and I sobbed so hard that my whole body was gasping for air!

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