Thursday, 8 November 2012

Here's something Funny..2

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Here's something Funny 2:

My husband Craig was away for a short business trip and my mom had flown down from Pretoria to assist while he was away.

My mom cannot drive a stick shift car so Sam, my close friend, drove me to treatment that day.

It seemed to be a lucky day after radiation that morning, as I got off the table, out of the building and into the car without vomiting yet.

Sam was driving, my mom in the back seat behind me and I was in front, in the passenger seat.

Sam had witnessed the result of chemo and radiation but my poor mom was in for a surprise as this was her first day with me and the first "hands on experience" of the after effects.

With my "trusty" lime green bucket tucked safely between my legs and the nausea overwhelming my senses, we made it onto the road before the wretching started.

The problem that day was that I had forgotten to bring my hair clip with me so My hair, all clean and blow waved, was hanging in all it's glory around my face.

As I heaved and projectile vomited into the bucket, a large lock of hair fell into the bucket at the same time.

Sam saw what had happened, I was trying to call to my mom to grab my hair from behind but could not get the words out in-between the wrenching and vomiting .

My poor mom is such a sensitive soul and froze in panic so Sam, while still driving decided to assist in retaining my dignity by lifting the hair out the bucket and attempting to hold it back for me.

By attempting to pull the hair out before it touched the content of the bucket, she probably should have done it gently but....too late!

My lock of hair was soaked and as her hand pulled it back, the spew flicked all over her and the steering wheel.

There was nothing anyone could do, so Sam adopted the most amazing attitude about the situation and putting me at ease about feeling guilty and embarrassed, she proceeded to drive home with herself and the steering wheel in a soggy mess.

At the time we did not find it funny but now it is one off our favorite stories which crack us up every time we tell it.

Sam admits that before her experience with me she could not deal with seeing anyone vomit but....after her experience that day and dealing with it all the way home.... She can now witness all 3 of her kids and the dog vomiting without even flinching.

So you see... Even my friends gained something positive out of a traumatic experience.

I would like to invite you to find your own humorous story and send it to me on so that I can publish it on my blog.

Let us spread the laughter and show that we can find a moment of light and laughter in our darkest moments!

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